21 Things That Have Been Going On In Every Final Year Medical Student’s Head For The Past Two Weeks

  1. Oh. My. Life. I. Am. Going. To. Be. A. Doctor. Next. Year. I’m so not ready for this. Cue mental breakdown number 12 of the morning.
  2. A GMC number just arrived in my inbox. Everything is suddenly real. Neither the last four years of my life nor Jeremy Hunt’s antics have prepared me for this.general-medical-councilOh balls.
  3. Oriel just reminds me of Ariel. As in… The Little Mermaid.giphy1
  4. Speaking of which… must Oriel really undergo maintenance during the most crucial two weeks of my med school career?screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-21-32-46


  5. Soooo…. The whole of Scotland is one deanery. Cool.Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 21.29.22.png
  6. Everyone else has six Pubmed IDs and two additional first class degrees with honours. I mean, Scotland can’t be that bad. It’s fine. I’m fine.giphy2
    Seriously, I’m fine.
  7. You know, the SJT is such a game changer and I have like… so much common sense, so it could really turn my life around. #NorthThamesgiphy7
  8. My geographical knowledge of this country amounts to zero.giphy3
  9. I have sixty tabs open on my internet browser, every third one being Google Images of various towns that I absolutely didn’t know existed. 


  10. I cannot base my career for the next two years upon Google Images.giphy4
  11. Let me study the competition ratios from last year so I can tactfully place West Midlands North as my second choice.25020150205154022cropped
  12. I’ve gone on three dates with this other medic from Tinder and I feel like I can really see a future there. Do I bring up the whole linking thing? 


  13. If one more person asks me where I put as my top choice I will literally go into cardiac arrest in front of them. And since they are probably only as ready as I am to be a doctor, this doesn’t bode particularly well for my health.giphy6
  14. I still don’t know if my clinical referee quite knows who I am.giphy8
  15. Do I operate under a gender other than the one assigned to me at birth? I mean, what is my sexual orientation really? What is the meaning of life and what part do I play in it?

  16. The submit button is a massive red cog. My life changes the moment I click it and I already have so many commitment issues. Maybe I should just wait until tomorrow. 


  17. But then if Oriel crashes the night before the deadline I’m done.
  18. Five people have taken screenshots of their submitted applications on Facebook so I have a vague idea of what my life would look if I did press it.
  19. Maybe I should just press it.
  21. Screw it. Neither is anyone else.


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