Written July 2018 and published April 2019 on pure whim because pain is a real thing You know. One day I’m gonna be too much and you might leave me. I think that every time I tell you about these breakdowns. Before- I was so paralysed with fear that I couldn’t even tell you about [...]

On Pain.

Written April 2016 and published 3 years on 48 hours. Phase 2. The vulnerability is tearing me apart. This depth of feeling is not something I have experienced with this level of intensity in years. I forgot how this felt. I forgot the feeling of falling, with all its fear and helplessness, where you look around [...]

I deleted instagram permanently and it’s so awesome

I can't believe I forgot to write about this in my 2018 wrap. I'm amazed at myself. There was a time, a few years ago where I couldn't have even contemplated doing something like this. Yet, here I am in 2019 having officially broken up with the biggest social media platform in the world. After [...]

2018 wrap

I have drafted so many posts in the last few months and never quite have managed to get round to actually finishing or publishing them. (On the contrary I have spent so much time journalling solo, working on myself, writing for my betterment etc). So I'm incorporating mad speed right now to just get something [...]


I have written my fair share of blogs, dripping with the sadness, despair and suffering that anxiety and its subsequent depression left me with. Today's post isn't another one of those. Whilst those fragments of written thought have their own part to play as a release valve in those dreaded moments of angst, today's piece [...]