My journey with my body

I was always a tall, skinny girl. When I was nine years old, I could put away a full english breakfast and I’d be hungry two hours later. My legs looked like hairy little matchsticks and there wasn’t an inch of fat to be seen anywhere on my body. Honestly, it’s not even like IContinue reading “My journey with my body”

The Breakdown Chronicles Pt 5: Perception

11pm. It’s quiet in the house but for the entanglement of voices from Billy’s shower music crooning through the bathroom walls. I got home a few hours ago. The heating has been on for an hour to melt the evening’s gentle spring chill and my bedroom smells of vanilla, orchids and a pleasant hint of worn perfume. I’mContinue reading “The Breakdown Chronicles Pt 5: Perception”


Dear Gowri’s Page. Happy two years together. Here’s to many more. Love, Gowri. Entirely Unrelated Photograph The other day, a friend of mine came up to me when I was printing some finals revision notes off in the computer cluster at medschool.  She said ‘Gowri… my flatmate reads your blogs and she doesn’t know you soContinue reading “Evolution”

The Breakdown Chronicles Pt 4: Returning

What incredible goons my family must look like waiting for the train to depart as they animatedly talk to one another, wide grins plastered across their faces as the bright March sunshine generously pours through the station’s crevices and dances across Platform 6. I watch them from behind the dirty glass in half admiration, halfContinue reading “The Breakdown Chronicles Pt 4: Returning”

The Breakdown Chronicles Pt 3: Not Gowri

Deep breath. Kettle on. It’s fine. Just write like no one is reading. I lost my diary. My black diary, with the pages thick as a sketchbook. I’ve got three volumes that are full of snapshot moments of brain shards but I can’t find my latest one. That’s a little annoying because I usually spewContinue reading “The Breakdown Chronicles Pt 3: Not Gowri”

Things I have learnt from four weeks in Psychiatry.

Insanity is a state of profound self absorption. -Siri Husvedt, A Summer Without Men  The background is this. I started my fourth year in Medicine a month ago, and my first placement has been in Psychiatry. Psychiatrists are doctors who specialise in mental health… this is different to psychologists who have learned the theory of mindContinue reading “Things I have learnt from four weeks in Psychiatry.”