A chuckle escapes me as I can only anticipate the flurry of blogging activity that is about to ensue this New Year’s Eve. It’s quite nice actually. Thinking of all the writer folk in our enigmatic world sitting in their writing holes with their mugs of tea, musing and reflecting and pondering and poring andContinue reading “2017”

Things I have learnt from four weeks in Psychiatry.

Insanity is a state of profound self absorption. -Siri Husvedt, A Summer Without Men  The background is this. I started my fourth year in Medicine a month ago, and my first placement has been in Psychiatry. Psychiatrists are doctors who specialise in mental health… this is different to psychologists who have learned the theory of mindContinue reading “Things I have learnt from four weeks in Psychiatry.”

The Annual Revision Period Psychoanalysis.

So it’s been a day and I can’t keep my fingers off the keyboard. Looks like I’ve contracted an acute bout of Blogacythaemia- too much blogging excitement in my bloodstream. I’m currently in my study period for my upcoming exams in a couple of weeks time. And every study period, as most students know (workContinue reading “The Annual Revision Period Psychoanalysis.”